Since the November 2023 Annual General Meeting, the board has been restructuring, in part due to retiring long-standing board members, who are now handing over the reins to others. Many of you may know that in late 2022 Moira Mack retired as our long standing Secretary and Mona Robertson handily stepped into the Secretary role. Currently the role has been split with Mona as the Competition Secretary. We are still in need of a Recording/Correspondence Secretary. More recently, Sandy Reid and Lynn
Bullis retired in their lead roles in Governance and Competition Operations /Vice President respectively. We would like to thank Moira, Sandy and Lynn for their outstanding past service and dedication to the BCPA. We are grateful that Lynn is staying on as Chief Steward at this time.

The 2024 Board:
President Rene Cusson
Vice President David Hilder
Treasurer Cameron Reid
Directors Phyllis Baikie, Rene Cusson, Aiden Fowler,
David Hilder, Shaunna Hilder, Zephan Knichel,
Kyla MacNeil, Michelle MacPhail, John Nichol
Competition Secretary Mona Robertson

The Competition Operations has been restructured to a Competitions Operations Committee. This will be led by Phyllis Baikie, alongside John Nichol and Derek Davidson. The Annual Gathering and other key events subcommittees will be reporting to them. With this reorganizing, we now have the following volunteer vacancies:
● Corresponding Secretary, [urgently needed]
● Governance Committee lead
● IT lead | Website Design & Maintenance
● Legal Counsel
Volunteer skill sets on our “wish list” include:
● People and Training–especially those with a Management and/or HR
background who can assist with recruiting and onboarding new volunteers,
● Social Events —those who can help with planning and executing.

The BCPA wants to hear from YOU!

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