Volunteers – Continuing a 100+ year tradition

The work of the BCPA is volunteer driven and the success of the Association over the decades has been due to the great commitment and dedication of these volunteers. To continue this success, we always encourage members and supporters to consider giving their talents and skills for the betterment of piping, drumming and pipe bands.

This page will list short term and long term volunteer opportunities with the BCPA.

Email secretary@bcpipers.org to volunteer or to recommend new opportunities!


BCPA Chief Steward Lynn Bullis is always interested in new volunteers to help run our events. Quality competition stewards is one of the top five most highly ranked items in importance and in results according to our membership surveys. You are an active participant in competition operations and are part of a historic BC Pipers’ Association that has been delivering excellence in BC for more than 100-years and is recognized globally for this.

Editors and Contributors

Volunteers are needed to work with the Communications Director and IT Infrastructure Leader to:

  • collect and write stories,
  • create posting notifications of upcoming competitions and results,
  • notices and other items of interest to the BC piping, drumming and pipe band world.
  • Familiarity with Hootsuite, WordPress, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook is helpful but not mandatory. The website is another very critical and highly rated service of the BCPA according to our member surveys.

We don’t haveĀ a printed newsletter anymore, but we would like to see a monthly summary of news sent out in email, as well as someone interested in occasional stories to add to the website or email news about the volunteers, competitors, and or highlights of the association.

The Editor could just gather summaries of the news from the past month, write it up and send it to us in email form for distribution to the membership.