At this year’s ScotFestBC British Columbia Highland Games on Saturday June 15th, 2024, we are proud to announce the inclusion of a special feature highlighting the dedicated work ethic and talent of Bass and Tenor drummers. 

Solo Tenor Drumming events will be judged for the first time by BCPA’s sanctioned Bass & Tenor Adjudicator Mackenzie Baranov née Webster. Mackenzie spent eleven years as a member of the grade 1 Simon Fraser University Pipe Band playing both Bass & Tenor, as well as a long time instructor for the Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band. 

Mackenzie, along with BCPA Music Chair David Hilder, and a committee of Bass and Tenor instructors are initiating equal opportunity such as specialized adjudicators and prizes for Bass and Tenor Drumming events at the various sanctioned Highland Games. At the BCPA Annual Gathering in March, long time BCPA Drum Major John Nichol and MacKenzie Baranov revived and judged the Most Promising Bass Drummer for grades 5 – 2, and awarded the Clifford Allen Sutton Trophy. 

At this year’s British Columbia Highland Games the reintroduction of the esteemed Best Midsection prize, will recognize outstanding Bass and Tenor drumming during the Band Contest, for grades 5-2.  To commemorate the occasion, the Brittany Angeltvedt Memorial Trophy will be unveiled. This stunning award is a 12” all crystal 4 pillared diamond shaped trophy, generously donated by members of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band in memory of their beloved colleague. This trophy serves as a touching tribute to Brittany’s passion for Scottish music and her enduring impact on the community. In addition, all tenors drummers playing in the band contest will have their name put into a draw, the winner will receive a brand new harness, the Katenor, generously donated by Kate Dudek Drumming.

“Brittany Angeltvedt was destined to become a world class pipe band member. Following in the footsteps of her uncles Terry and Jack Lee, she entered the pipe band world, although a tenor drummer. Brittany was well trained and worked hard. Consequently, success came quickly and often for her. She was a five time West Coast Solo Champion as well as a three time World Pipe Band Champion, twice with Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, the first with Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band.

Brittany believed in giving back to the community that served her so well. She taught private lessons and she also served as a teacher for the junior bands of the Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band organization at the SFU Burnaby campus.” Moira Lee

Brittany’s parents are extremely humbled and thankful to the BC Pipers’ Association for creating this annual award for Brittany, The Best Mid Section, The Brittany Angeltvedt Memorial Trophy. Congratulations to all the Winners.

This feature, coupled with the reintroduction of the Best Midsection prize and the unveiling of the Brittany Angeltvedt Memorial Trophy, presents a compelling opportunity to highlight the dedication and talent of bass and tenor drummers at the British Columbia Highland Games.

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