Affiliated Pipe Band Associations

Alliance of North American Pipe Band Associations Jim SimDaniel Schneider
Atlantic Canada Pipe Band AssociationDan KneeShelena Marsh
Alberta Society of Pipers and DrummersSean Somers
Piper’s & Pipe Band Society of OntarioMichael GreyMichele Curtis
Prairie Pipe Band Association of Manitoba
Saskatchewan Pipe Band AssociationWayne RempelJolene Horejda
Eastern United States Pipe Band AssociationJim DillaheyJim Engle
Mid West Pipe Band AssociationJim SimSteven Stuart
Western United States Pipe Band AssociationJeff ManKathleen Bell
Pipe Bands AustraliaSecretary
Royal New Zealand Pipe Band AssociationIain BlakeleyPenny Wilson
Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association
IPBAIrish Pipe Band Association