Congratulations to the Mini Gathering Overall Aggregate Winners

Beginner Piping Jamie Schwanebeck
Grade 5 Piping Zachary Robertson
Grade 4 Piping Silas Heard
Grade 3 Piping Alex Evans
Grade 2 Piping Marcus Range
Grade 1 Piping Colin Forrest
Adult Piping Cynthia Byrne
Adult Prep Piping Darryl Fraser
Beginner Snare Drumming Shayla MacNeil
Grade 4 Snare Drumming Jayce Edetsberger
Grade 3 Snare Drumming Max Fenwick
Grade 2 Snare Drumming Hope Barnes
Grade 1 Snare Drumming Megan Millar
Intermediate Tenor Drumming Elise Svangtun

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