I want to welcome all of you to the BC Pipers’ Association 89th Annual Gathering. We are astounded at the list of competitors from around the world who have joined our major event of the year.  Those include competitors from Australia, England, Wales, Scotland, Zimbabwe, US and of course, Canada. We are very pleased to welcome all of you.

We know this big field of competitors is a result of changes to the Gathering we had to make in light of the COVID pandemic. I recognize this is not the way we all would like to meet but it has created new bridges for us to meet in the future.  Maybe at the 90th BC Pipers’ Annual Gathering in 2023 or on Glasgow Green in Scotland. As COVID restrictions ease, we hope this will be our last online contest with video submission. It has been a very steep and swift learning curve for those of us behind the scenes. I want to send out a big thank you to our IT personnel for the countless hours they spent organizing and setting up our online events.

To all the competitors, I want to wish all of you the best tune possible and I hope that we will see you in person next year.

Graham Davidson, President
BC Pipers’ Association