As part the BC Pipers’ Association ongoing Education and Player Development initiative that started in September 2019, new players again have the opportunity through both Junior and Adult Pipe Band programs to learn to play the bagpipes and drums with in-person programs being offered once again.

Covid has had a dramatic affect on the piping and drumming scene around the World with far to many pipe bands not making it out the other side. This negative effect is going to have a dramatic impact in ongoing efforts to rebuild the Scottish Cultural Arts for years to come.

Education and Player Development

Learn to play the bagpipes or drums in one of the Adult Learning Programs starting on October 18th, 2022 in North Surrey.

Contact for full details and to sign up for the program. New players are accepted throughout the year.

The Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band is one of our member pipe bands that was formed in February 2002 and over the past 20 years have seen the need to provide the opportunity for adults wishing to learn to play the bagpipes and drums. They have developed a group Learning Program similar to ones offered by Junior pipe band programs but focused on the adult players wishing to learn and have offered their Learning Program since 2014 with great success.

More programs for Adults and Youth in Metro Vancouver Region

The JP Fell Pipe Band offers an Adult Learning Program in the North Vancouver region and accept new players 18 years and older, while the Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band located at Simon Fraser University on Burnaby Mountain and the White Spot Pipe Band located in Fraser Heights area of Surrey both offer programs for Youth in their Junior Programs and accept players from 8 to 18 years of age.

All four pipe band programs are accepting new players now with programs starting in the coming weeks if they have not already began.

More information will be coming soon on other programs offered with in our region by Pipe Band Members of the BC Pipers’ Association jurisdiction.