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The results of the 2022 February BCPA Online Mini-Gathering are now posted on the Results page.

The results include the aggregate winners for each grade. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BCPA will ensure the winners’ names are engraved on the Mini-Gathering Aggregate shields.

BCPA is utilizing its new system for adjudication sheets and prize certificates distribution that will send each adjudication sheet and each prize certificate in separate emails.

Competitors’ adjudication sheets and any prize certificates they have won will be automatically emailed to the email address they entered with the videos for this competition.

To reduce the chances that the automated emails will be caught in the Spam/Junk folder of your email client, the emails will be metered out over several hours. However, please regularly check your Spam/Junk folder after 9:00 pm Pacific Time February 27 to ensure they are not caught there.

If you do not receive the emails containing your adjudication sheets and any prize certificates won by 11:59 pm Pacific Time February 27, please contact BCPA IT Infrastructure Leader Garth Newlands at it.infrastructure@bcpipers.org and within one day he will manually email your adjudication sheets and/or prize certificates won to you.

BCPA would like to thank all competitors who participated in the events by recording and uploading videos of their performances, the Grades 2, 1 and Intermediate competitors who performed their events live at given times while recording the performances and then uploading the videos, the adjudicators who adjudicated the performances, the stewards who handled the live Grades 2, 1 and Intermediate events via Zoom meetings, and the team of volunteers who made this online competition happen.

Finally, with the pandemic winding down, BCPA looks forward to soon returning to in-person competitions at the outdoor highland games this year and meeting everyone once again.